Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l

Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l
Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l
Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l
Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l
Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l
Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l
Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l
Svalbardi polar still iceberg water 0,75l

SVALBARDI - Polar Iceberg Water

Svalbarði is an award-winning arctic iceberg water with extremely low mineral content and the highest purity

The history:
In 2013, the Norwegian Jamal Qureshi collected meltwater as a gift for his wife when he was on the Norwegian island of Svalbard - one of the last great wilderness in Europe. The pure water would make a delicious cup of tea, he thought. Four years later, the bizarre, selfless thought has turned into an Epicurean product that redefines the concept of pure drinking water.

With the approval of the governor of Spitsbergen, Mr. Qureshi chartered an icebreaker - the Ulla Rinman - and looked for the purest icebergs in the Kongsfjord, only 1,000 km from the North Pole, at 79 ° North. As fresh as the day on which it fell as snow up to 4,000 years ago, the Svalbarði team collects 15 tons of ice. The ice is then gently melted in a specially designed machine and filled by hand, with the best drinking water being collected in its cleanest form. In order to maintain the natural composition and the premium taste of the water, no chemical-altering filters are used, only micrometer filters and UV light to comply with international standards.

The source:
Svalbard is one of the last great wilderness areas in Europe, home to more polar bears than people. It is located in the Arctic Ocean between 74 ° and 81 ° north latitude, 1000 kilometers from the North Pole. 60% of the archipelago is covered by glaciers.

Melted icebergs - fresh from the fjords around Svalbard, only 1,000 kilometers from the North Pole - provide the source of Svalbarði's pure water.

Svalbarði uses icebergs that would otherwise be wasted melting into the sea. All processes are climate neutral, the bottle is recyclable and the wooden cap comes from sustainable forests. With over a hundred climate records, Svalbard is one of the world's most important locations for research into global warming. A percentage of the sale of each bottle is donated to support polar and climate research.

The extraction of the water requires an arctic expedition. A special search at sea to find the right ice in safe conditions. Individual pieces of iceberg are carefully selected for the right properties and then manually lifted out of the water by a specially equipped ship. The ice is then returned to Longyearbyen Arctic Outpost, where it is melted and bottled. Each edition is limited to 1 ton of glacier ice and therefore strictly to 13,000 bottles.

The design:
The bottle itself is a gift in itself that will beautify any environment. Made of high quality extra flint glass, which reflects the ice water. The wooden cap represents the precious Arctic driftwood that dots Svalbard's banks. It is carved with care in Spain and made only from certified, sustainable forests. The design stands out in upscale restaurants and differs significantly from other premium drinks. It is a wonderful gift for those who are looking for the finest rarities.

The Svalbarði designer water bottle is presented in a bespoke, award-winning packaging tube. Each tube underlines the journey of the water and is individually designed like a fine champagne or liqueur. The packaging is fully recyclable.

The taste:
The Svalbarði iceberg water harvested, melted and bottled in the arctic outpost of Longyearbyen is an exclusive fine water. With no nitrates or pollutants, the extremely low mineral content ensures a light mouthfeel with a light bite and a slight sweetness. Svalbarði is an experience for the palate, similar to a good wine. With its unique terroir, our pure water is also the perfect addition to delicate dishes, pralines or drinks to improve the taste.

Iceberg waters are among the rarest in the world because of the difficulty in collecting this arctic water. Svalbarði is the northernmost mineral water in the world and is recognized by the FINE WATER SOCIETY as the best tasting super-low mineral water in the world.

Experience the taste of snow in the air from the Svalbard icebergs.

49 990 Ft
Bonus point : 500 Ft
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Összes ásványianag tartalom: 21 mg/l
pH 6

Nitrát 0,03 mg/l
Kalcium 0,4 mg/l
Magnézium 0,08 mg/l
Nátrium 0,6 mg/l
Kálium 0,06 mg/l
Szilícium -dioxid Bikarbonát 2 mg/l
Szulfát 0,2 mg/l


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