WBF-1000S CO2 (carbonated) POINT OF USE water dispenser

WBF-1000S CO2 (carbonated) POINT OF USE water dispenser
Cold, hot and soda water dispenser for tap mounting (mains), Ronaqua-002 tip. built with carbonated units. The tap water can be connected to the quick connector on the back of the device. Connector Pipe Size Diam. 6 mm. It is recommended to install a water filter (carbon filter) for the appliance, which ensures the purity of the water, and can be purchased separately in our web shop. The 1/2 "mains water quick connector is required for the water connection but it is not a basic accessory. You can purchase it in our online store. The soda bottle is not included with the appliance, it must be purchased separately.
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delivery in 48 hours by time arrangement, only on business days if the product is on stock +1 500 Ft
delivery by appointment, on business days from 9 am- 6 pm ONLY in Budapest and Pest County by Vizbolt +1 000 Ft
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Dimensions 340x340x980 mm, weight 30 kg,
Warranty: 1 year
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