Cedea naturale water 750ml

Cedea naturale water 750ml
Cedea naturale water 750ml
Cedea naturale water 750ml
Cedea naturale water 750ml
Cedea naturale water 750ml
Cedea naturale water 750ml

CEDEA is a uniquely noble water that @8P2L1 in the heart of the Dolomites at the foot of the Marmolada Mountains under its own power, cold and pure from the bare rock. Just a few steps away from its source, it is bottled at 1,500 meters above sea level.

Inspired by legends, it embodies the unique values of the Dolomites: purity, beauty, virtue, exclusivity and magic.

At sunrise and sunset, the Dolomites shine thanks to their unique luminescence with a very intense reddish color and rise proudly into the blue sky. This phenomenon is called Enrosadira (see below).

The history:
In 2006 the source was discovered. The unique properties are due to the hidden layers of the Dolomites in the region, which are hundreds of millions of years old and make the water so special through their filtering process. The source was named CEDEA after the goddess of life in local legends. The source flow is actually visible and its natural course resembles the three spiral lines on the bottle itself.

The source:
A magical place.
Marmolada, the “Queen of the Dolomites”, has many special features thanks to its natural surroundings, which is why UNESCO has certified it as a World Heritage Site.

The Dolomites are part of the Alps and have been inhabited by a local ethnic group for fifteen centuries: the Ladins, who to this day are a recognized independent people. They protect and maintain the area of the Dolomites.

The long history of the Ladins shapes the country and its people, so CEDEA indeed inspired by the old legends.

The Enrosadira is the magical vibration of life in the Dolomites. CEDEA was the water goddess of life, highlighted by the magical color Enrosadira when the Dolomites turn red and resemble an enchanting rose garden that is only visible for a few moments.

bless you:
CEDEA supports the human metabolism.

Compared to many other types of water, it is naturally alkaline and therefore plays an important role in our diet. Alkaline water can help the body to achieve a balanced pH value, which must be slightly alkaline. Eating fruits and vegetables is also healthy for the same reason.

The taste:
CEDEA is the taste of the Dolomites.

This oligo mineral water (pure, little mineralized water) flows with astonishingly constant pressure, completely pure and cold, at 6.9 ° C from the source and has extremely constant parameters over the long term.

It is light and slightly alkaline, and with a TDS of 130 mg / L total dissolved solids, extremely balanced in minerals, ideal for the human body and everyday use.
Because of its balance, it is not only a high quality water to drink, but also the ideal dilution for whiskey tasting. The taste of CEDEA is light, perfectly clean, smooth and refreshing.

"A clean, palate-cleansing sparkling water with great minerality and a frizzante-style spritz."
87 points "Highly Recommended"
Jerald O'Kennard, Director

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TDS 130 mg / l
pH factor 8.1
hardness 103 mg / l
nitrate 3 mg / l
calcium 30 mg / l
magnesium 7 mg / l
sodium 6 mg / l
potassium <1 mg / l
Silica 11 mg / l
bicarbonate 111 mg / l
sulfate 17 mg / l
chloride <1 mg / l
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