Minus 181 still water

Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water
Minus 181 still water

MINUS 181 - German Artesian Water 

The clear, pure water of MINUS 181 rests at a depth of 181 meters.

It gives a feeling of calm and balance in hectic everyday life and offers a very personal moment of silence. It is a first-class mineral water for connoisseurs and connoisseurs.

It's not the most expensive, but one of the most interesting: The water MINUS 181

The source

If you are looking for something special, you will find it in Parchim: What once fell as precipitation over the vastness of Mecklenburg, nature filtered through earth, coal and rock for centuries to a pure and crystal clear liquid of amazing mineralization and quality. MINUS 181 rests and matures in the deep MINUS 181 a landscape shaped by the Ice Age, enclosed under pressure between two impermeable clay layers.

In 2011 it was developed through a drilling in the city of Parchim. Here the water, surrounded by extensive forests and a clear, northern German sky, comes to the fore through the artesian pressure and is bottled untreated in glass bottles in a small factory directly above the fountain. Last but not least, the careful handling of this valuable product gives MINUS 181 its unique quality.
The water from the depths has an exceptional quality, valuable minerals are well balanced and the slightly alkaline pH value of 7.36 makes the heart of the water connoisseur beat faster.
It meets the highest demands and ensures the right balance between calm and tension in everyday life - like the artesian well from which it is extracted.

The design

When uniqueness is just exclusive enough, MINUS 181 the right choice. The water is waiting for that special moment, resting in elegant designer bottles. In the strikingly designed glasses MINUS 181 its pleasant taste and plays MINUS 181 the palate unobtrusively and velvety soft. The glass bottle with Vinolok glass stopper looks elegant, its minimalist design enhances every table as an eye-catcher. With the filling in a special size of 681 milliliters, the bottle dares another exquisite specialty.

In cooperation with the Austrian glass manufacturer Riedel, a glass shape was also developed that optimally transports the properties of the water. The elegantly curved water glass bears the MINUS 181 logo and can keep the temperature in the glass longer.

The taste

The artesian spring, combined with the balanced mineralization, make MINUS 181 a special water for the discerning connoisseur. It sets new standards and is an indispensable companion to exquisite dishes and wines without changing them in any way.

“Particularly high-quality mineral water is very much in vogue in today's luxury markets and is increasingly valued by gourmets. With MINUS 181 we can present a great new mineral water MINUS 181 can be integrated with great MINUS 181 during exclusive events ”. Silvia Herrmann, Managing Director The Luxury Network Germany.

A water that is perfect for accompanying delicacies and flavor-intensive specialties. The ideal drinking temperature of this unique water should be between 9 and 12 degrees Celsius.

Look forward to pure water as a subtle background to a star menu.


Selected top MINUS 181 and hotels in northern Germany have featured MINUS 181 on the MINUS 181 since June 2018.

In the future you will find MINUS 181 in the luxury hotel industry, enjoy water and food pairing in star restaurants or make it out when you buy a luxury car or a feudal yacht.

It is very likely that we will see the perfectly shaped glass bottle with the stylish Riedel glass as the winner of a design award at some point.

Source: MINUS 181 , Sueddeutsche

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