La sasse still water 0,74l

La sasse still water 0,74l
La sasse still water 0,74l
La sasse still water 0,74l
La sasse still water 0,74l
La sasse still water 0,74l
La sasse still water 0,74l
La sasse still water 0,74l
La sasse still water 0,74l

La Sasse

The water of the French Alps

In Megève there is a nature reserve, known to the elders for generations, where several springs have their source:

The Domaine de La Sasse

The extreme purity of the water on the Mont Blanc Massif has always been known to the local population and already 200 years ago the then French/Italian inhabitants called the place "El Sasso" which means "the stone".
The Domaine de la sasse is the last completely naturally preserved area in Megève, the famous Rothschild ski area

Passed down from generation to generation, the Domaine de la sasse now belongs to Dominique Méridol, whose aim is to protect this vast wild space. For more than a quarter of a century, he has preserved his sanctuary from any human activity, following his ancestor's motto: "Preserve our heritage and take care of it".

In 1990, when Dominique's grandfather became seriously ill, he asked for water from his mountain. This was the beginning of the adventure of the unique water La Sasse. His ancestors' favorite mountain spring was "La Taverne" because of its reliable and constant flow. After a long journey through natural filtration in the alpine rock, this low-sodium mountain spring water shows a remarkable balance that is clearly noticeable when tasted.

The source:
The artesian spring rises from the shale rock of the two-and-a-half thousand metre Mont Joly at 1740 metres, making it the highest spring in Europe. The water springs from the mountain without any mechanical help and it is bottled without any further processing as the mountain gives it. Due to its geographical location, bottling can only take place during the summer months, which is another reason for this special rarity. An old, now self-sufficient farm was converted into a climate-neutral bottling plant for this purpose.
The water from La Sasse is only produced a few months a year when the snow cover subsides and the only road to the Domaine de la sasse becomes passable, but the spring itself is isolated from all weather conditions.

The water:
The artesian mountain spring water is of a low sodium nature and is extremely delicate with a palate pleasing finish. It is very soft and smoothly gentle at first sip. Contrary to its name, it is hardly stony, rather rarely creamy with an unobtrusive neutrality, pleasant drinking texture. Basically, it tastes much calmer and quieter still than its TDS of just under 200 would suggest. Clearly one of the most delicious alpine waters we have tasted.
Top tier of balance. Very good aftertaste with slight sweetness and light, pleasant dryness. It is a seasonal meltwater that can surprise with Mother Nature's variety of delicate flavor profiles. (Description: Pat Eckert and Milin Patel)

The Design:

As an aesthete, Dominique dreamed of a bottle as extraordinary as the water itself. The frosted glass bottle was then sculpted by his friend and sculptor Pierre Margara.

The vertical lines symbolize the mountain, the spirit of water, the waterfalls. His imagination gave birth to a refined, sensual, moving form that is so beautiful to look at that it feels amazingly soft to the touch.

Bottled since 2017 La Sasse. Like the bottling plant, the surrounding nature reserve is family owned and there are no dependencies.
The source is protected, as is the whole area, and bottling is carried out under the strictest conditions.

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